It has never been so easy to start your own Netflix business, Turnkey ready made system with movies and admin panel to manage your subscription price, movies and all the other features.

Hard to believe? See how easy it works...

1.Open an account and choose your brand name, be unique and creative.

2.Choose your brand colors and the movies you want to show on your system(we have thousands of them)

3.Choose how much you want to charge your clients for a monthly subscription

4.Promote your website and start earning money. We are working on a revenue share of %10, your success is our interest and we will give you the best tools to make sure you are giving the best service to your clients.

Watch on any device

Platform is accessible to anyone, anywhere. Your clients can access their favorite movies and TV shows on any device from a location with an internet connection. That means mobile phones, tablets and, laptops. All through the click of an app or a link. We are offering also a customized app with your branding for smart TV’s and Android OS.

Mobile Friendly

Fully responsive and work on desktop, mobile, tablet and other devices

Make money from subscriptions and ads


Easy business model to make money. With recurring system for subscribers and with implementing ads. Start making money today with a rising trend of 2020

Content Managment


Powerful admin panel allows you to configure the site to your needs, including adding or modifying movies, custom pages and more

High Performance

high performance

Lightweight and has lighting fast performance and page load time out of the box

Site screenshot