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By Abigail Chase
27 September 2020 3:17 pm ET

The young people who cracked the method and set up streaming sites, and while everyone stays home, business is booming.
The world has gone crazy, people have lost their jobs, there are no flights and vacations, people are locked in houses, the world has stopped and there is no expectation when the world will return to normal.

While the world stands still, people understand that we are facing the dawn of a new era. People need to reinvent themselves, learn new tools and adapt to the spirit of the time.

Alongside every crisis there are new business opportunities that are emerging and there are quite a few people who are taking advantage of this in order to make money. For them, the crisis has become a business opportunity.

While everyone is locked in homes, the demand for online streaming services has increased and streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon prime are enjoying the meteoric growth of millions of new users.

Dennis and Roy, two 24-year-old brothers from Los Angeles, recognized the opportunity and set up a small vod site that brings them a passive income of $ 8000 a month from subscribers who registered on their site and it turns out they are not alone! Thousands of people around the world have been riding the hottest trend lately and the VOD (Video on demand) business is booming.

“One day I clicked on an ad on Facebook that offered the launch of a vod site that includes 3,500 movies and comprehensive technology for managing the marketing, payments and subscriptions. I told Dennis, let’s look into this opportunity and we set off,” says Dennis about how he started his streaming VOD website.

“We discovered a friendly system and rich content that gave us a good start without bothering with building a website, design, licenses, etc. All we needed was to choose a name and start marketing the system.”

“We invested in the first month in advertising $200 which brought us close to 100 subscribers, from each subscription we charged $5 in order to be attractive and recruit more subscribers in a short time. The first $200 turned into $500 which we invested back in marketing to increase the number of our subscribers. In the second month we already had close to 300 subscribers. Even we were shocked by the growing demand in the world for streaming sites “

The brothers also say “Once we saw that it worked, we opened a couple more streaming sites that appeal to customers in other countries and niches, we found that there are people who prefer to subscribe to a niche VOD site that is dedicated to a niche they like, for example comedies or horror. We included our strategy and set up a VOD only for comedy movies “That way it was easier for us to focus our marketing and enjoy growth in our subscribers.”

When Dennis was asked what it takes to own a streaming site in 2020, he replied

All you need is $ 100 to set up a VOD through STARTVOD’s system. They’ll provide you with your system, movies and technology. All you need is to market your site and get subscribers. It’s as simple as writing an email or running a private profile On Social networks … They also have a marketing system that can help you increase your subscriptions in a short time. It’s basically like getting a sports car that you just have to put fuel in and start driving!

Dennis and Roy 24 years old brothers speak about their success

We checked the field a bit and indeed a meteoric increase was recorded in 2020 in demand for streaming services due to the crisis.

Content giant Netflix reported an increase in its number of subscribers during the Corona period by about 16 million new users during the period of the first closure.

At a time when stores are closed, jobs are being laid off and we are in the midst of a crisis that does not seem to be going away from the world any time soon, people are realizing that they need an online presence in order to make a living. The field of digital assets is gaining momentum and invites many investors and individuals to enter a profitable field with a low entry threshold and very little risk.

Anyone can start with a minimum investment of $100 dollars to experiment and see that it’s for them and from there increase their advertising budget,” Dennis told us.

After the interview with Dennis we went out to check out STARTVOD’s system. The system is indeed simple to operate and within 5 minutes we were on the air with our own streaming site that includes 3500 movies of all kinds. The interface is simple and easy to understand, user-friendly and easy to operate.

Their business model is simple, once we use their system, we basically become business partners. They take 10% of all sales on the streaming site you started and in return take care of the rest! Just like that. This is a business model where everyone benefits and there is no need to start building complex systems or purchasing movie licenses but just market the system. They only take 10% if there is a profit so there is no risk here. If you are not earning money, you don’t need to pay them anything.

We posted our VOD website on one of our social networking groups and within 24 hours we got 50 subscribers who each paid $ 5 for the monthly subscription. Within 24 hours our account was $250!!

We hope the world returns to normal soon. But until then, people will continue to look for creative and legal ways to make money and this seems to be an accessible investment for anyone who can afford a minimum investment of $100.

This article should not be considered a recommendation, but if you also want to experiment with their system and set up a streaming site yourself as a home business or as a main occupation, you are welcome to open a free account: AD NETWORK  Owned by Amarok Media LLC, Estonia © Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved